Men’s addiction treatment in Delray Beach, Florida, doesn’t end when you leave your residential program. Transferring to a part-time program helps you ease back into normal life without a sudden drop-off. You’ll also build on the skills you learned in therapy, enabling you to make better choices in the future. Reach out to Olympus Recovery to discuss your next treatment stage.

Who Needs Substance Abuse Treatment?

men's rehab in Delray Beach, FloridaThe classic patient in movies and TV shows denies that they have a drug, alcohol or opioid addiction. However, any of the following symptoms can signify that you need individualized clinical interventions:

  • You can’t go a day or less without using the substance.
  • Your mood abruptly drops when you stop using and rises again after a dose.
  • You experience withdrawal symptoms, such as tremors, nausea and body aches, when you stop taking the drug.
  • You spend excessive amounts of money on the substance.
  • Relationships with friends, family members and coworkers deteriorate.
  • You constantly think about the drug when you’re not using it.
  • Loved ones tell you you have a problem.

Many clients have mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, PTSD and bipolar disorder. These co-occurring disorders feed into your physical dependence, causing symptoms that make you crave the drug. Our rehab facilities may diagnose you with a mental health condition that needs as much care as your addiction.

What Are Your Substance Abuse Treatment Options?

Partial Hospitalization Program

After receiving residential treatment and a medical detox, your addiction specialists may recommend transferring to a partial hospitalization program in Delray Beach, FL. Instead of living in the treatment center full-time, you’ll visit the men’s rehab community several times a week like you’re taking college classes.

Generally, a PHP requires you to visit several times a week for around 6 hours at a time. These addiction treatment programs usually last a few weeks, but you can extend your program if necessary. Once the day ends, you return to your house or sober living community.

If you have struggles at home, individualized counseling sessions help you resolve issues when you’re away from the Delray Beach facility. You can make essential changes, such as finding a new job, before you return home permanently.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Our men’s addiction recovery center offers intensive outpatient program in Delray Beach, FL, for men who need assistance without the full-time commitment. An intensive outpatient program (IOP) works according to your needs. You can attend drug rehab for several hours a day or visit once a week for group counseling.

Like a PHP, this program allows you to return to work, home or school after therapy. Doctors may monitor your medical condition and prescribe medication. Over time, you’ll have longer breaks between sessions and spend entire days or weeks at home before returning.

First Responder Program

Veterans and first responders deal with dangerous situations. After long-time exposure to disasters, emergencies, violence and crime scenes, these individuals may develop psychiatric disorders, such as depression, PTSD and anxiety. Their drug and alcohol addiction provides temporary relief, but their mental health plummets.

We developed a men’s first responder treatment for drugs and alcohol. Our therapy helps you process your unique trauma, cope with losses, recognize drug addiction and recover from mental or emotional illness. Once you’ve treated your dual diagnosis, you’ll be prepared to return to work or adjust to a new career.

Sober Living Support

When you graduate from a structured treatment program, you have to occupy yourself and take on adult responsibilities again. Our sober living program provides ongoing support so you handle cravings, rebuild relationships and continue the recovery process.

We recommend group therapy programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, where you meet fellow recovering addicts. Our staff may also direct you to community housing where you work and attend school while living with medical supervision. If you struggle with sober living, our outpatient treatment center is always available for clinical services.

Types of Substance Abuse Programs

Traditional Therapy

Our gender-specific addiction treatment includes traditional talk therapy that uses classic techniques, such as discussing trauma, as well as modern methods. Palm Beach County residents engage in:

Men’s alcohol rehab centers use therapy techniques, such as EMDR and CBT, to change your thinking patterns. While talk therapy helps you process the past, modern techniques influence the present and future. Your individualized client-centered care helps you identify negative thinking patterns and replace them with positive ones.

The life skills training group teaches men in Delray Beach, FL, about nutrition, healthy eating, finding jobs, discovering hobbies, maintaining relationships and enjoying their lives again.

Experiential Therapy

men's addiction treatment in Delray Beach, FloridaWith experiential therapy, clients learn about the healing properties of enjoying the outdoors, forming a community and expressing themselves creatively. Individualized treatment programs can include:

  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Creative writing
  • Equine therapy
  • Exercise
  • Team-building activities

Our recovery boot camp community teaches strength and self-discipline without judgment. With the help of recovery boot camp staff, men gain wisdom, confidence and self-esteem that leads to healthy coping skills.

Psychiatric Treatment

Specialists may prescribe medication as part of co-occurring disorders treatment. Medical supervision allows clients to take prescription drugs with little chance of addiction or relapse. Many substances, such as heroin, erode the brain’s ability to feel positive emotions. Prescription medication aims to stabilize your moods, helping you feel optimistic again.

Talk About Addiction Recovery Today

Checking into a facility can be intimidating. What do you bring? How long will your program last? Can relatives visit? Do our therapists diagnose mental illnesses? We answer questions about our programs so you know exactly what to expect. Our experts also verify your insurance coverage, eliminating surprise fees.

Call our confidential hotline at (866) 305-7134. Specialists are waiting to answer questions about our recovery boot camp’s program, alcohol rehabilitation services and drug abuse treatment.


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