What to expect when you arrive to Olympus Recovery

For each client, regardless of the time of their arrival at Olympus Recovery, will first have their information verified by a behavioral health technician (BHT). Afterwards, you will have your blood pressure taken, a full body search completed, and a monitored drug screen. BHTs will search all your belongings as you complete the intake process.


Client’s valuables that will be taken and logged include cell phone, any form of money (cash, check, EBT, CC, gift cards)

Any drug paraphernalia or substances will be destroyed by nursing upon admission.

Admissions: What To Expect

  • Typically the call will begin with the admissions coordinator learning more about your situation by asking some basic questions about substance abuse and/or mental health history.
  • Finances are a concern for most clients; we will ask for insurance information and explain if there are any patient responsibilities.
  • A short phone assessment is completed with the client. Our Goal is to make sure your needs are able to be met by our staff, and if we are not a good fit, we will work with you to find a place that will better suit your needs.
  • Once you are qualified to come to Transformations, we schedule your admission. We will schedule your arrival date and time based on availability. The majority of our clients come from out of state and we transport clients from the following airports: PBI, FLL, and MIA.


Start a new journey!

For immediate help call us confidentially at (866) 429-1422. Our admissions specialists can answer all your questions, and put you on the road to recovery.

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