MultiPlan’s in-network partners help people overcome drug and alcohol addiction. As one of the largest Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) in the United States, MultiPlan enables patients to access out-of-network rehab centers for addiction treatment like Olympus Recovery, a rehab that accepts MultiPlan insurance, and start their road to recovery.

MultiPlan’s insurance coverage partners can eliminate or reduce the costs associated with addiction services like inpatient services, detoxification, and outpatient treatment, helping patients receive the specialist care that might not be available to them through a traditional Health Maintenance Organization (HMO).

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How Can MultiPlan Insurance Coverage Help People With Drug and Alcohol Issues?

Multiplan insurance is an independent PPO network that enables its members to consult with doctors and specialists without a note from their primary care physician. That means you can receive drug and alcohol addiction treatment from a rehab center of your choice, even if it’s considered ‘out of network’ through your existing insurance plan. With MultiPlan, you can access rehab centers like Olympus Recovery [1], which specializes in co-occurring disorders and improving lives.

MultiPlan differs from conventional health insurance plans you might have had in the past. Typically, with an HMO, you can only see drug and alcohol specialists within your network, and your insurance company might not cover all the addiction services you need. A PPO like MultiPlan gives you the freedom to access specialists outside of your network, providing more recovery options and access to specialists. When you seek help at a rehab center like Olympus Recovery, your existing insurance company will connect with MultiPlan and can eliminate or reduce the costs of much-needed treatment. MultiPlan can help cover the costs of various addiction treatments for alcohol, prescription drugs, and recreational drugs like cocaine.

What Does MultiPlan Cover?

A man in addiction treatment therapy who has a MultiPlan health insurance plan using his health insurance coverage at Olympus Recovery

MultiPlan works with your insurance company to cover the costs associated with various drug and alcohol treatment services at substance abuse treatment facilities like Olympus Recovery. By taking out a PPO, you can get additional support and resources for substance use or abuse.

Here are some of the services that MultiPlan might cover when you become a member:

Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Rehab allows you to receive support for drug and alcohol addiction in a non-hospital setting. Many drug and alcohol rehab centers offer services like medication management, group counseling, individual therapy, treatment for co-occurring disorders, and medical supervision, helping you improve your life and kick-start the recovery process. Many insurance companies might cover a short-term stay at a rehab center, but MultiPlan can cover the costs of an extended visit at a center of your choice and improve your chances of recovery.

Specialized Drug and Alcohol Treatment

You might require specialized drug and alcohol treatment based on your particular circumstances. While insurance companies might cover generic treatment options, a PPO like MultiPlan can reduce the costs of any treatment that addresses specific recovery risks and addiction challenges.

Outpatient Recovery Treatment

While HMOs typically limit you by only covering outpatient recovery treatment at centers within their networks, MultiPlan lets you access treatment at a rehab of your choice—one that might be closer to your home or have an excellent reputation. You can also access intensive outpatient programs (IOPs), which require people with drug and alcohol dependency issues to attend a rehab several times per week [2].

Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehab provides patients with 24-hour support for addiction in a non-hospital environment and might include services such as counseling, medical supervision, family therapy, and medication management. Like with outpatient recovery treatment, a PPO might cover a longer stay at rehab than a traditional HMO offers without you incurring out-of-pocket charges.

Olympus Recovery is proud to be part of MultiPlan’s network of care providers. Learn more about overcoming drug and alcohol addiction.

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Why Should You Choose a PPO for Drug and Alcohol Dependency?

A PPO like MultiPlan gives you more flexibility and choice, helping you create an individualized addiction treatment plan based on your budget and circumstances. Unlike with an HMO, you don’t have to select a rehab center within your network, and you won’t need a referral from your primary care doctor to access the treatment you deserve.

Using a PPO can also work out cheaper. With more partners in their network, you can get specialized treatment for substance use and abuse with no or reduced out-of-pocket costs. That can help you manage the expense of addiction treatment and move on with your life.

How to Check MultiPlan Coverage and Benefits

Contact Olympus Recovery’s Admissions team to check if your MultiPlan insurance can cover your treatment. An Admission Coordinator will ask you a few simple and confidential questions, gather your insurance information, and conduct a benefits verification process by calling your insurance company ourselves.

MultiPlan In Network Partner Olympus Recovery

Olympus Recovery is a rehabilitation and addiction treatment center located in Delray Beach, Florida. As a MultiPlan in-network partner, you can overcome addiction without worrying about the cost of expensive treatment for drug or alcohol addiction.

Olympus uses a curriculum-based approach to drug and alcohol recovery, providing support for people 18 years of age and older who struggle with substance use and abuse issues. Master’s-level clinicians, who have decades of experience, use various addiction treatment options to help you beat addiction:

Contacting Olympus is the first step of your journey. The experienced team recognizes the needs of each patient who walks through its doors and provides the highest-quality care. Depending on your circumstances, Olympus clinicians can tailor a customized recovery plan that helps you reach new heights in your recovery.

Olympus patients live in a shared space with garden apartments, a swimming pool, and a clubhouse. This renowned center also helps people manage co-occurring disorders connected to addiction, such as anxiety, depression, PSTD, and ADHD [3].

Seek Addiction Treatment at Olympus Recovery, A Rehab That Accepts MultiPlan Insurance Coverage

MultiPlan helps those with drug and alcohol addiction issues by providing people with more choices than an HMO typically offers. By becoming a MultiPlan member, you can access a wider range of substance use centers and services and reduce treatment costs. As a MultiPlan in network provider, Olympus Recovery can deliver world-class treatment options without the expensive price tag. Now you can access services such as medication-assisted treatment, IOP, partial hospitalization, and aftercare in a shared living space with Master’s-level clinicians.

Join Olympus Recovery for an extended stay now and improve your mental health outcomes. Call (866) 305-7134 to discover more.

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