Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for substance abuse and mental illnessCognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a form of talk therapy typically conducted by a psychotherapist or therapist. The basis of CBT therapy is helping the patient become more aware of negative thinking that lead to undesirable emotional or behavioral outcomes.

When the patient can identify negative thinking or disturbing patterns of thought emerging before they lead to an emotional or behavioral reaction, they have the opportunity to challenge and replace them. By actively replacing these thoughts with more positive ones, the patient gains a better sense of understanding and control that can allow them to stop certain behaviors or responses.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

A patient who plans to undergo Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Delray Beach, FL may have concerns about what the process will entail. Some patients may have tried other forms of traditional therapy, DBT therapy, EMDR therapy, and other types of mental health treatment services with no success and expect a similar outcome. Despite this, CBT is much more than simply talking through problems with a therapist. Methods like role-playing, keeping a journal to identify thoughts and feelings, learning methods of relaxation, or creating distractions in the mind are all popular techniques in CBT.

Through these practices, therapists can guide patients through the process of identifying problems, brainstorming solutions, and choosing which one is likely to be most effective. Essentially, through CBT, patients develop immense skill sets that help them to navigate their thoughts and emotions on their own. CBT is a commitment therapy that typically takes place every week for several months through individual and group therapy, but the severity of the patient’s condition will largely dictate the intensity and time frame for results.

Who Is CBT For?

Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most common forms of therapy and can be used to successfully treat several disruptive thoughts, emotions, mood disorders and behaviors.

Some of the most common conditions treated with CBT are anxiety, depression, personality disorders, mood disorders, addiction, phobias, anger, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD), and eating disorders. CBT is also effective in teaching coping skills to those who are struggling with specific events like the loss of a loved one, divorce, chronic pain and illness, insomnia, and stress.

How Does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Work?

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Many people who struggle with mental health concerns like anxiety or depression struggle with negative thought patterns. These thoughts can be extremely harmful to the patient’s emotional well-being and can lead them to act in ways that they typically would not.

For example, a person with social anxiety disorder may have repetitive thoughts about potentially embarrassing situations. These thoughts may consume them to the point that they no longer wish to leave their home. The core concept of CBT aims to acknowledge and then redirect these thoughts instead.

d of allowing them to continue to the point that they become all-consuming and dictate the patient’s life.

What Do You Learn in CBT?

Initially, patients in CBT programs focus on identifying and understanding the negative thoughts they are having. This is crucial and sets the framework for other methods that are learned throughout Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

In many cases, patients are unaware that certain situations or topics may influence these thoughts, so they are often identified through things like writing in a journal or role-playing. Once the patient learns how they are feeling and why they learn techniques that enable them to alter their thought patterns. Generally, this consists of learning coping skills, stress management, and relaxation techniques, along with continually working to identify and understand their mental health and other supportive services.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy At Olympus Recovery

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