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Medical Professionals at Olympus Recovery assisting Florida resident's overcome drug addiction with a specific rehab programAs a top-rated PHP/IOP drug rehab, Olympus Recovery takes pride in its comprehensive, gender-specific inpatient and outpatient care and treatment programs, tailored to each patient’s unique needs. Whether you’re a first responder, a veteran, or someone seeking advanced, evidence-based therapies, our Southeastern Florida haven has a solution for drug addiction.

Olympus Recovery proudly partners with major-name health insurance coverage carriers, including Florida Blue, MultiPlan, Cigna, TRICARE, and Aetna, affirming its commitment to accessible and world-class care.

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Symptoms & Effects of Drug Addiction: Know Before It’s Too Late

Drug addiction is a complex, multifaceted condition, manifesting differently in every individual. Recognizing the symptoms and understanding the short-term and long-term effects can be the first step in seeking the necessary help.

Symptoms of Drug Addiction:

  • Behavioral changes: This includes neglecting responsibilities, isolating from loved ones, and displaying secretive behavior.
  • Physical alterations: A sudden weight change, disheveled appearance, bloodshot eyes, or unexplained injuries.
  • Cognitive shifts: Difficulty in concentration, memory issues, and impaired judgment.
  • Emotional fluctuations: Mood swings, irritability, anxiety, paranoia, or sudden bouts of hyperactivity.
  • Dependency signs: Increased tolerance, withdrawal symptoms when not using, and unsuccessful attempts to quit.

Short-Term Effects:

  • Euphoria: Intense pleasure or a “high”
  • Decreased appetite: Diminished desire to eat or drink
  • Elevated heart rate: Palpitations or racing heart
  • Paranoia or anxiety: Irrational fears and heightened stress levels
  • Dilated pupils: Eyes appear more extensive and prominent, often with a glassy look

Long-Term Effects:

  • Organ damage: Chronic use can affect the liver, heart, lungs, and kidneys, leading to potential failure
  • Mental health disorders: Prolonged use can induce depression, anxiety disorders, and even psychosis
  • Respiratory issues: Persistent cough, bronchitis, or lung infections
  • Cognitive decline: Impaired learning, memory, and decision-making abilities
  • Dependency: The body becomes reliant, leading to increased tolerance and severe withdrawal symptoms

How Olympus Recovery Provides Drug Abuse Solutions:

Under close medical supervision, a man on his recovery journey working with addiction specialistsAt Olympus Recovery in Delray Beach, FL, we recognize the comprehensive nature of addiction and its vast impacts. Our approach is all-encompassing, addressing the addiction, underlying triggers, and associated traumas.

  1. Individualized Treatment Plans: We understand that addiction manifests differently for everyone. Our expert team evaluates each individual’s unique needs, crafting a personalized recovery roadmap.
  2. Holistic Therapies: Beyond traditional treatments, we believe in the power of holistic methods—like meditation, yoga, and art therapy—to heal the mind, body, and spirit.
  3. Counseling and Therapy: Our seasoned therapists employ evidence-based strategies, from cognitive-behavioral therapy to group sessions, addressing the root causes of addiction.
  4. Detox and Medical Support: Olympus Recovery offers medically supervised detoxification, ensuring safety while the body rids itself of harmful substances.
  5. Continued Support: Recovery doesn’t end once a program is complete. We provide resources, from outpatient services to alumni groups, ensuring lasting sobriety and a lifelong support network.

In the face of addiction, hope can often seem elusive. But with the compassionate care and expertise at Olympus Recovery, transformation is not just possible—it’s a promise.

Florida Drug Abuse Statistics

Florida’s beautiful white beaches and vibrant multiethnic population overshadow a serious substance abuse issue. Florida has the second-highest number of deaths due to drug overdose in the U.S. Between January 2020 and June 2021, 14,604 Floridians died of a drug overdose, with 9,324 of those overdosing on prescription opioids such as oxycodone, methadone and fentanyl.

During the pandemic, the rate of opioid addiction among Black people doubled compared to their white counterparts. However, alcohol is still one of the most misused drugs in the state. Men struggling with drug or alcohol addiction in Florida outstrip women by 5.8%. People between 18 and 44 years old are mainly affected by substance use in Florida.

Olympus Recovery’s Comprehensive Drug Addiction Programs

PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program):

Our PHP provides intensive care, bridging the gap between inpatient and outpatient services. With a focus on stabilizing immediate concerns, Delray Beach’s finest ensures a smooth transition to recovery.

IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program):

Balancing recovery with daily life, our IOP program in Palm Beach County offers flexibility and robust support, emphasizing relapse prevention and coping skills.

First Responder Care:

We recognize the immense pressure first responders face. Our tailored program addresses trauma, stress, and addiction, fostering resilience in our heroes.

Veteran Treatment:

Our veteran-focused care and treatment center, unique to Southeastern Florida, understands the weight of service. We provide specialized therapeutic interventions to navigate PTSD, trauma, and addiction.

Men’s Rehab:

Tailored to address men’s distinct challenges in the recovery process, this program ensures an environment of mutual support, understanding, and progress.

Women’s Rehab:

With a focus on issues uniquely affecting women, from societal pressures to biological factors, our Women’s Rehab in Delray Beach ensures a nurturing, empowering journey to sobriety.

Trauma Addiction:

Woman with co-occurring disorders showing signs of a chemical dependency on prescription drugs getting medical detoxTrauma and addiction often intertwine. Our program dives deep, unraveling the connections and providing holistic treatment options for healing.

Olympus Recovery’s Drug Treatment Focus

Cocaine Addiction:

A stimulant that poses severe risks, our cocaine addiction treatment program focuses on cognitive behavioral therapy, educating on its neurological effects, and providing coping mechanisms against relapse.

Meth Addiction:

Known for its devastating physical and mental impacts, our meth addiction program employs multi-pronged strategies, from detoxification to therapy, ensuring lasting recovery.

Prescription Drug Addiction:

Olympus' intensive outpatient programs helping a group in our Delray Beach rehabThe silent epidemic of Palm Beach County, prescription drug addiction, requires a nuanced approach. Our comprehensive treatments delve into the root causes, address withdrawal symptoms, and emphasize alternative pain management strategies.

Choose Olympus Recovery: The Apex of Drug Addiction Treatment in Southeastern Florida

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