Substance abuse is one of the most prevalent public health issues in the U.S. Statistics show that over 50% of Americans aged 12 and over have used an illegal drug at least once, and 25% of these have developed a substance use disorder (SUD). If you’re among those impacted, it’s important to find help from a reputable drug addiction treatment center. Olympus Recovery is a facility offering rehab programs for people in and around Florida. Let’s take a closer look at drug addiction and discuss the drug rehab programs in Delray Beach, FL you can benefit from at Olympus Recovery.

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Veterans returning with PTSD have a tendency to self medicate

Florida Drug Abuse Statistics

Florida’s beautiful white beaches and vibrant multiethnic population overshadow a serious substance abuse issue. Florida has the second-highest number of deaths due to drug overdose in the U.S. Between January 2020 and June 2021, 14,604 Floridians died of a drug overdose, with 9,324 of those overdosing on prescription opioids such as oxycodone, methadone and fentanyl.

During the pandemic, the rate of opioid addiction among Black people doubled compared to their white counterparts. However, alcohol is still one of the most misused drugs in the state. Men struggling with drug addiction in Florida outstrip women by 5.8%. People between 18 and 44 years are mainly affected by substance use in Florida.

Symptoms of Drug Abuse

Drug abuse refers to taking illicit drugs or using legal drugs, such as prescription opioids, for purposes other than intended. Drug abuse is the leading cause of SUD, a debilitating condition that affects frequent drug users. Drug dependency produces physical and psychological symptoms in the user.

Physical Signs of Drug Abuse

Drug abuse problems result in physical symptoms such as:

  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Irregularly sized pupils
  • Bad breath
  • Shifts in appetite and sleep patterns
  • Rapid weight gain or weight loss
  • Poor coordination

Psychological Effects of Drug Abuse

All drugs, whether prescription, legal or illegal, alter your mental state by causing a surge of dopamine. This feeling is commonly referred to as being high. However, this frequent exposure impairs normal brain function, resulting in a resistance to dopamine that requires you to take more of the drug to achieve the high. You can quickly move from initial drug use to drug addiction, which drives you to persistently seek and use a drug regardless of the consequences.

While drug addiction is one psychological effect of drug abuse, the phenomenon also produces mental effects such as:

  • Sudden, inexplicable personality changes
  • Mood swings
  • Anger and irritability
  • Paranoia or anxiety
  • Loss of concentration

The psychological effects of drug abuse also lead to a range of behavioral changes, including:

  • Reduced interest in hobbies, friends or loved ones
  • Low performance at school or work
  • Inability to accomplish one or more activities of daily living
  • Isolation from previous social circles
  • Maladaptive behaviors such as lying or sneaking around

Withdrawal Symptoms and Substance Abuse

People addicted to drugs often suffer withdrawal symptoms when they stop using drugs. Withdrawal symptoms can be quite severe and can include:

  • Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea
  • Sweating and extreme fatigue
  • Seizures
  • Hallucinations
  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Many people resort to continuously using drugs to avoid experiencing these negative physical and psychological drug withdrawal effects.

What Causes Drug and Alcohol Addiction?

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Not everyone who uses a legal or illegal drug will become an addict. Among the 138 million Americans aged 12 and older who use an illicit drug, only 20 million develop a substance use disorder. What are the reasons behind this trend?

Risk Factors for Substance Use Disorder

  • Genetics: Genetic traits passed along the bloodline contribute up to 60% of the risk of drug addiction.
  • Personality: People with low impulse control and those with pessimistic, anxious or pleasure-seeking personalities have a higher chance of developing SUD.
  • Mental Health: Around 50% of people with SUD experience co-occurring disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder and personality disorders, necessitating a dual diagnosis as part of the mental health services they receive.
  • Environment: Your surroundings can contribute to drug addiction. Being among family or peers who misuse drugs or living in a place where you have little to no social support can increase your chances of developing SUD.
  • Life experiences: Trauma, stress, abuse and spirituality account for a significant percentage of substance abuse disorders. Injuries and chronic pain from accidents are big contributors to prescription drug addiction.

Long-Term Complications of Drug Abuse

Prolonged drug use can cause severe health consequences, including:

  • Damaged eyes, teeth and skin
  • Various cancers, such as liver, lung, mouth and colon cancer
  • Increased chances of stroke and heart disease
  • Mental health conditions
  • Overdose and death

Even if you manage to avoid most of the physical effects of drug addiction, substance use disorder is a lifelong condition you can successfully manage but never cure.

Treatment at Olympus Recovery in Delray Beach, FL

Seeking treatment for your issues with drug and alcohol abuse is essential if you want to regain control of your life. The Olympus Recovery center in Florida offers multiple treatment options that enable you to access effective drug rehab services, regardless of your living conditions.

Partial Hospitalization Program in Delray Beach for Drug Abuse

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is an intensive program for people who don’t have the time or finances to commit to an inpatient treatment program. You can stay in your home among loved ones and undergo treatment at Olympus Recovery for up to eight hours a day, several days a week. PHP allows you to take full advantage of our intensive treatment approaches to enhance your recovery process.

Intensive Outpatient Drug Abuse Rehab in Delray Beach

The intensive outpatient treatment program (IOP) is ideal for people further ahead in their recovery process. When you receive IOP at Olympus Recovery, you can spend a few hours a week benefiting from our treatment programs at our treatment center. IOP can provide the support necessary to transition to regular life after residential or PHP treatment.

Consistent Aftercare to Support Long-Term Sobriety

Whether you participate in PHP or IOP treatment at Olympus Recovery, we offer aftercare services as part of our relapse prevention program. Through aftercare, you’ll remain in contact with mental health experts and other people on the recovery journey to ensure you maintain your sober life.

Therapies Used in Treatment

The professionals at Olympus Recovery in Florida use a range of cognitive and behavioral therapies to help you in your recovery. Our treatment approaches usually take the form of the following:

  • Individual therapy: This is the primary form of treatment for most people who enroll at our drug rehab facility. You’ll undergo medication-assisted treatment for drug and alcohol withdrawal. Afterward, you’ll engage in one-on-one therapy with professionals well-versed in cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy and EMDR therapy.
  • Group therapy: Finding group support is essential for a successful recovery process. Olympus Recovery offers various forms of group therapy to help you meet and develop relationships with people on a similar journey to yours.
  • Family therapy: Drug and alcohol addiction can wreak havoc on your social ties, severing your relationship with family members and friends. Family therapy will help you mend these connections and find a support system you can rely on even after you finish treatment.

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Recovering from drug addiction is something you shouldn’t do alone. Olympus Recovery provides safe drug addiction treatment in Delray Beach where you can undertake this momentous journey. We provide you with professional and social support throughout the process, from helping you undergo the detox process to showing you how to develop healthy behaviors you can sustain long after you finish treatment.

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