Humana Military provider, a subsidiary of Humana Inc., partners with the Department of Defense’s TRICARE health program to administer health insurance benefits to military members, their families, and retirees located in the Eastern United States. Their managed care support, combined with the resources of MHS, VHA, and other government agencies, provides excellent coverage for those seeking in-network drug recovery benefits and addiction treatment at a rehab that accepts Humana Military insurance.

Insurance policyholders are eligible for several treatment options, including inpatient and outpatient. While non-network benefits are available, you will receive the highest level of benefits with an in-network provider. Below you will find a summary of Humana Military coverage.

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Does Humana Military Provide In-Network Inpatient Rehab Benefits?

Humana Military offers inpatient drug recovery benefits for the following emergency conditions:

  • Detoxification or management of withdrawal symptoms
  • Stabilization of your mental and physical condition
  • Treatment of medical complications due to your addiction disorder

Inpatient non-emergency services include treatment for substance abuse disorders and diagnosis and treatment of underlying mental health disorders. You may receive care from local, state, or federal government psychiatric hospitals or seek care in a private facility.

For those seeking addiction treatment, accessing inpatient care means you will get help 24/7 and be medically monitored to receive the best treatment for your condition. These facilities help you manage mental health conditions that require around-the-clock care and medically monitored treatment for substance abuse withdrawal symptoms.

Humana Military requires preauthorization for these inpatient hospitalizations. You will likely receive this authorization if any of the following apply to your condition:

  • You pose a serious risk to yourself or others
  • You need specialized medications
  • You need psychological diagnosis and treatment
  • You are unable to function normally
  • You require full-time care
  • You are unable to successfully use outpatient services

Does Humana Military Cover In-Network Partial Hospitalization?

Humana Military also covers partial hospitalization programs at certain facilities for mental health and substance abuse disorders.

Partial hospitalization is an outpatient program for diagnosing or treating a “serious mental disorder when there is a reasonable expectation for improvement.” It aims to prevent relapse or the need for full hospitalization and offers care for less than 24 hours a day.

You may qualify for Humana Military partial hospitalization if you:

  • Have mental health or substance abuse issues
  • Need help functioning in major life areas and need strong support
  • Do not require full-time hospitalization
  • Have a “significant” impairment

Olympus Recovery Treatment Center is a Humana Military in-network rehabilitation facility that offers partial hospitalization to qualified patients. Contact Olympus Recovery at (866) 305-7134 for more details about your in-network treatment options.

What Benefits Are Provided for In-Network Outpatient Treatment?

Humana Military provider benefits also include several outpatient options.

If you have a substance abuse problem, you may qualify for an intensive outpatient program (IOP). If you do not need full-time hospitalization, are looking for stabilization of symptoms, or want to reduce the chance of relapse, IOP rehab may be a good choice for your substance use disorder treatments.

You may need preauthorization for an IOP, so check with your Humana Military to be certain. You can also check with Olympus Recovery, which offers a Humana Military in-network IOP program.

You May Qualify for Medication-Assisted Treatment

prescription medicine, alcohol, and dog tags, a concept image for how military service can lead to addiction and why military insurance coverage for drug addiction treatment is necessary

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) combines drug and mental health therapy. It is covered by Humana Military if the authorized provider has DEA authorization to prescribe buprenorphine.

You may qualify for MAT therapy through Humana Military providers if you have an opioid use disorder and require medically monitored detoxification and direct access to medical services, and you need medical care but not in a 24/7 setting.

Humana Military’s In-Network and Out-of-Network Provisions

Humana Military benefit payments vary according to whether you see an in-network or out-of-network provider.

Seeking treatment from an in-network provider, such as Olympus Recovery, means that it will accept the negotiated rate with the government as payment in full for services rendered. Olympus Recovery is a credentialed civilian healthcare provider with a contract with TRICARE insurance, and its staff can give you the answers you need about your coverage.

Out-of-network or non-network providers meet requirements but are not contracted with the government healthcare plan. They may be a non-participating provider—an authorized facility or doctor that provides medical services to policyholders but does not accept the assigned payments. These providers may bill up to 115% of the allowable charge.

A participating provider agrees to accept the assigned insurance payment for addiction treatment services, although it may be on a case-by-case basis and not always apply to your treatment. Check your coverage before seeking addiction treatment to get the most out of your benefits.

How to Check Your Insurance Provider Benefits 

Contact Olympus Recovery’s Admissions team. An Admission Coordinator will ask you a few simple and confidential questions, gather your insurance information, and conduct a benefits verification process.

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Olympus Recovery Works With Humana Military Providers

Humana Military providers offer several proven options for those recovering from substance abuse. You can take advantage of inpatient, partial hospitalization, and outpatient services that may include treatments such as MAT. Humana Military provides excellent coverage for military personnel, retirees, and their family members when it comes to substance abuse treatment.

Our Delray Beach rehabilitation center is in-network with Humana Military, so your insurance will cover your medical costs at the highest level. Located in Delray, Florida, Olympus Recovery is a nationally recognized and highly accredited outpatient addiction treatment facility. The experienced staff will help you understand and use your Humana Military benefits, removing much of the stress so you can concentrate on getting well.

Reach out to Olympus Recovery today to learn more about your in-network drug recovery benefits.

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