Zelis Rehab Coverage For Addiction Treatment

Zelis Insurance is a healthcare and financial technology company with an extensive network of partners specializing in drug recovery and treatment. The company offers provider lookup information and medical referral services, helping people with drug and alcohol addiction find services in their area. Learn more about Zelis Insurance’s in-network drug recovery partners below.

What Is Zelis Insurance?

Zelis is not a healthcare insurance provider and doesn’t process or pay claims for alcohol and drug addiction treatment. Instead, the company:

  1. Makes claim payment recommendations to your existing healthcare provider. Those recommendations might include medical billing management solutions and payment remittance solutions.
  2. Provides analytical services for healthcare claims to its clients. The company delivers electronic payments software that identifies cost-cutting solutions that save providers and patients money.
  3. Provides healthcare provider lookup information and medical referral services.

The third point in the list above is the most appropriate in the context of this article. Zelis has a network of over 700,000 healthcare providers that offer a wide range of treatment options for substance use disorders. (Olympus Recovery is one of these in-network drug recovery providers.)

Zelis’ in-network drug recovery partners can help you overcome substance use and provide the skills needed to move on with your life. If your current healthcare provider is a member of the Zelis Health Insurance network, you can find a partner that helps you on the road to recovery.

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Zelis’ Partners Offer Detox Treatment

Zelis’ in-network drug recovery partners offer detoxification (or detox) treatment at a rehabilitation center. You could find a healthcare provider offering short-term or long-term detox services to begin the recovery process.

Detox is the process of removing toxic substances from your body, and it is typically the first stage of drug and alcohol treatment. It often lasts several days to 1 week and happens in an inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation center. However, some patients might require long-term detox options that span multiple weeks or months. Patients often experience withdrawal systems during detox that range from mild to severe.

When starting detox treatment, you want to choose a healthcare provider offering ongoing support, respect, and transparency. Zelis’ in-network drug recovery partners like Olympus Recovery can help you complete this difficult part of drug and alcohol treatment. After you complete detox, though, you must continue the recovery process.

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Zelis Insurance Will Connect You With a Healthcare Provider Offering Addiction Therapy

Zelis Health Insurance can connect you with an in-network healthcare provider offering drug and alcohol addiction therapy. Providers specializing in therapy can teach you life-long skills that evaluate, treat, and eventually overcome your substance abuse disorder.

Various therapies might be available to you through Zelis’ in-network drug recovery partners. These treatment options include:

  • One-on-one counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Trauma-informed therapy
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Family therapy

A healthcare professional can help you choose the best therapy for your particular situation. Family therapeutic services, for example, might prove valuable for patients who want to improve relationships with loved ones. On the other hand, one-on-one counseling lets you discuss personal issues anonymously with a trained medical professional.

Will Inpatient and Outpatient Programs Affect Your Lifestyle?

Choosing to complete an inpatient or outpatient program for substance abuse treatment depends on your lifestyle and commitments:

  • Inpatient programs require you to stay in a facility overnight and receive care.
  • Outpatient programs allow you to attend a facility at a time that suits you, making it a good choice for those with full-time jobs or family commitments.

Zelis Insurance might connect you with in-network drug recovery partners that offer inpatient programs, outpatient programs, or both. The company’s network of 700,000 healthcare providers makes it likely you’ll find a program in an area near you. And remember, your existing insurance company might cover the full or partial cost of these programs.

The Zelis insurance coverage network might also help you find an intensive outpatient program (IOP) that addresses drug and alcohol addiction (and the associated behaviors) without needing detoxification. Intensive outpatient treatment is successful for some patients with substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions like trauma, anxiety, and depression.

Olympus Recovery’s IOP provides care to individuals suffering from mild mental health issues or substance use disorders.

Find a Rehab Partner Through Zelis Insurance That Offers PHP

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) could also help people with substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions. As with a conventional or intensive outpatient program, a patient continues to live at home during treatment but travels to a treatment center throughout the week. How often the patient has to attend the center relates to their specific needs and level of care.

You could find an in-network drug rehab partner through Zelis healthcare that offers PHP in your area. That helps you start your recovery process and identify the link between substance use disorders and mental health.

You Can Obtain Residential Treatment With the Help of Zelis

Residential treatment is similar to an outpatient program in that you will need to stay in a facility overnight for a while to receive care. However, while outpatient programs typically occur in a hospital setting, residential care happens in a home-like environment.

You could find an in-network partner through Zelis Insurance that offers high-quality residential treatment. Olympus Recovery, for example, has a shared living space for patients in beautiful community apartments with a clubhouse and pool.

Zelis Will Connect You With a Partner That Offers Medication-Assisted Treatment

Zelis Insurance can connect you to one of its in-network drug treatment partners that offer medication-assisted treatment. This type of treatment provides a unique approach to addiction by combining the use of medications with counseling and other therapies.

Medications can help you manage withdrawal symptoms as you start your recovery. You can continue to use this medication-assisted treatment after finishing a short-term rehabilitation program.

Olympus Recovery’s medication-assisted treatment program could reduce the likelihood of relapse and alleviate cravings. 

Get Help With an Upcoming Intervention

A man with his wife who is trying to help her husband seek out inpatient treatment at Olympus Recovery, a leading Zelis rehab, for his drug addiction

An intervention involves confronting a loved one about their substance use disorder. Inventions can take place in many forms but typically trigger the recovery process.

While friends and family members might wish to stage an intervention for a loved one, involving a medical professional is always a good idea. Zelis’ in-network drug rehab partners can make the invention process go smoothly, resulting in more successful recovery outcomes.

Start the Recovery Process With the Help of Zelis Health Insurance

Zelis Health Insurance is a healthcare and financial technology company with over 700,000 healthcare providers in its vast network. Some of these partners offer various drug and alcohol treatment options, allowing you to get the help you need and start the recovery process.

Olympus Recovery is a Delray Beach Florida rehab, with small group sizes. The center takes an individualized approach to every patient who walks through its doors and offers a wide range of services, including therapy, partial hospitalization, outpatient programs, intensive outpatient programs, trauma-specialized treatment, and medication-assisted treatment. Contact Olympus Recovery at (866) 305-7134 to learn more.

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