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Located at the heart of Southeastern Florida, Olympus Recovery is a top-rated Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) offering specialized drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs for residents of Fort Lauderdale. With a strong focus on advanced, evidence-based therapies, we are committed to helping individuals struggling with drug and alcohol abuse navigate their journey to recovery.

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Addiction Treatment at Olympus Recovery

At Olympus Recovery, everyone deserves a second chance. Our multifaceted treatment approach is designed to suit a variety of needs. Here’s what we offer:

  • PHP and IOP: With both PHP and IOP programs, Olympus Recovery provides a seamless transition from intensive care to everyday life. Our unique blend of group and individual therapies by Fort Lauderdale is designed to create a robust support system, facilitating long-term recovery.
  • First Responder Care: We acknowledge the unique challenges faced by first responders in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and have tailored a program specifically to meet our hero’s needs. Our team of experienced professionals provides comprehensive care, ensuring effective rehabilitation.
  • Veteran Treatment: Our specialized program supports Veterans in Fort Lauderdale struggling with substance abuse and PTSD (known as co-occurring disorders). Olympus Recovery is committed to serving those who have served our country.
  • Men’s and Women’s Rehab: Our gender-specific programs in the Fort Lauderdale area provide a safe, supportive environment, allowing patients to focus on recovery without distraction or discomfort.
  • Trauma Addiction: We understand the interconnectedness of trauma and addiction. At Olympus Recovery, we deliver therapies designed to address and heal both, ensuring comprehensive recovery.

Overcoming Addiction with Olympus Recovery

At Olympus Recovery, we’re here to guide you toward sobriety. Our unique blend of evidence-based treatments and therapies cater to your individual needs, ensuring a holistic recovery.

Men and women in separate group therapy sessions for alcohol rehab in Fort Lauderdale

Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Olympus Recovery recognizes that each substance comes with its unique challenges. We offer a comprehensive range of treatments for alcohol and drug addiction. Our expert team provides personalized plans for detoxification and withdrawal management, coupled with cognitive behavioral interventions, to tackle the root cause of addiction. We empower our patients to reclaim their lives from alcohol, opioids, and illicit drug abuse.

Healthcare provider at Olympus Recovery administering Medication-Assisted Therapy as part of drug rehab

Medication-Assisted Therapy

We employ Medication-Assisted Therapy (MAT) as part of a broad approach to addiction treatment. MAT combines FDA-approved medications with counseling and behavioral therapies to treat substance use disorders. It can help reduce withdrawal symptoms, manage cravings, and restore balance to the brain chemicals disrupted by addiction. MAT can be a crucial tool in achieving long-term recovery by ensuring patient comfort and safety.

Female patient umdergone a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Our mental health professionals utilize CBT and DBT as part of our addiction recovery programs. CBT helps patients understand the negative thought patterns that lead to substance misuse and teaches them how to reframe these thoughts in a healthier way. DBT, on the other hand, focuses on accepting uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, or behaviors and learning to manage them better. Through these therapies, patients learn coping strategies, improving their ability to handle stress and reducing the risk of relapse.

Patients engaged in a painting session, exemplifying Olympus Recovery's use of Experiential Therapy in addiction treatment

Experiential Therapy

At Olympus Recovery, we understand that healing takes many forms. Experiential therapy is a key component of our treatment approach. This method uses expressive tools and activities, such as arts and crafts, music groups, or role-playing, to help patients identify and address hidden or subconscious issues. We also offer adventure-based therapies like snorkeling, kayaking, and beach activities. By fostering self-discovery, improving self-esteem, and promoting emotional healing, experiential therapy helps individuals gain insight into their addiction and learn new ways of dealing with life’s challenges.

With Olympus Recovery, overcoming addiction is not just a possibility—it’s a reality. Our expert team is dedicated to providing our patients with the highest standard of care, paving the way for a healthier, happier future. We’re here to help you reclaim your life from addiction, one step at a time.

Olympus Recovery & Major Insurance

We believe that quality treatment should be accessible to all. Olympus Recovery is in-network with several major insurance carriers, including Florida Blue, MultiPlan, Cigna, TRICARE, and Aetna, making it easier for residents of Fort Lauderdale and the broader Southeastern Florida region to access our services.

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We pride ourselves on our personalized approach, helping Fort Lauderdale residents reclaim their lives from addiction – Olympus Recovery is unmatched in its dedication to patients’ well-being.

Don’t let addiction define you. Olympus Recovery is more than just a rehab center; we are a community committed to supporting you every step toward lasting recovery.

Join the ranks of the countless Floridians who have found hope and healing at Olympus Recovery, the number one PHP/IOP in Southeastern Florida. Connect with us today and begin your journey to recovery.

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