Substance Abuse Treatment in Deerfield Beach, FL

Nestled close to the serene shores of Deerfield Beach, Olympus Recovery emerges as a pillar of strength for those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. As a premier, in-network, trauma-focused PHP/IOP center in Florida, we are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge, research-backed therapies for alcohol and drug abuse.

Whether you’re a local hero, a proud veteran, or someone searching for gender-specific care, our customized treatments guarantee you get the attention you deserve. Inquire about our world-class center, explore insurance verification assistance, and embark on a transformative recovery journey by contacting us at (866) 305-7134.

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Olympus Recovery’s Treatment Programs for Addiction

Our commitment to the Deerfield Beach, FL, community and the broader region of Florida in the fight against addiction remains steadfast. We will provide expert guidance to help you determine Our treatment facility proudly offers:

  • PHP Treatment: The Partial Hospitalization Program at Olympus Recovery provides a structured environment where individuals receive intensive therapeutic sessions under medical supervision. The patient resides in community housing with provided transportation to the addiction treatment center up to five days a week.
  • IOP Treatment: An Intensive Outpatient Program provides the necessary structure and support, allowing patients to integrate their learnings into real-world settings while still receiving structured therapy. Intensive outpatient programs address addictions, depression, or other dependencies that do not require medical detox or round-the-clock supervision.
  • Trauma Treatment Center: Recognizing the deep-seated impact of traumatic experiences on addiction, our specialized trauma center offers therapies that address both trauma and substance abuse.
  • First Responder Program: Our program is designed to address the mental and emotional toll, providing them with the tools to cope and heal.
  • Veteran Substance Abuse Program: This program addresses the specific challenges faced by our military personnel, such as combat-related trauma, ensuring they receive the specialized care they deserve.
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment: Our Dual Diagnosis Treatment focuses on treating both the substance dependency and the underlying mental health condition, ensuring a comprehensive approach to recovery.
  • Women’s Rehab: Our Women’s Rehab provides a nurturing and supportive environment. Here, women can address their specific issues, fostering a community of healing and empowerment.
  • Men’s Rehab: Our Men’s Rehab offers gender-specific therapies where men can openly discuss their challenges, ensuring they receive the tailored care they need.


Deerfield Beach, FL, Residents – Recover From Substance Abuse at Olympus Recovery

With Olympus Recovery in Deerfield Beach, FL, you’re not just getting treatment but embracing a scientifically proven path to reclaim your life. From Alcohol and Drug Treatment to innovative and therapeutic mental health treatment like CBT, DBT, and Experiential Therapy, we’ve got you covered.

  • Alcohol Treatment: Our comprehensive alcohol treatment program is designed to help individuals regain control, offering medical and therapeutic interventions to ensure a holistic recovery.
  • Drug Addiction Treatment: Our Drug Addiction Treatment program is tailored to address various drug addictions, from prescription medications to illicit substances, ensuring each individual receives the specific care they need.
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy): This evidence-based behavioral health approach identifies and addresses negative thoughts and behaviors that lead to substance abuse.
  • DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy): DBT is a therapeutic approach that is particularly beneficial for those struggling with mood disorders and addiction.
  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing): EMDR is a specialized therapy designed to help individuals process traumatic experiences.
  • Experiential Therapy: This therapeutic approach incorporates art, music, and role-playing activities to help patients process their emotions and addiction-related experiences
  • Medicated-Assisted Treatment: Recognizing that recovery can be physically challenging, our Medicated-Assisted Treatment ensures a smoother and more comfortable transition toward sobriety.

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Insurance Coverage for Treatment

At Olympus Recovery, we simplify the insurance process for drug rehab centers. Thanks to the ACA, most plans cover essential treatments, from detox to outpatient treatment services. While insurance eases financial burdens, be aware of potential out-of-pocket costs like deductibles and copays. Unsure about your coverage? We offer a verification service to clarify your benefits, ensuring you can focus on recovery with peace of mind.

Olympus Recovery is Your Choice for Substance Abuse Treatment in Deerfield Beach, FL

For residents of Deerfield Beach, Florida and the surrounding Broward County area, the path to sobriety is illuminated with Olympus Recovery by your side. Our state-of-the-art rehab in Deerfield Beach, intensive treatments, passionate team, and tranquil setting ensure you or your loved one can rise above addiction. Olympus Recovery is your go-to destination if you’re searching for addiction treatment centers that genuinely resonate with your needs and offer a comprehensive, empathetic approach to recovery. Together, let’s craft a future free from addiction.

Start a new journey!

For immediate help call us confidentially at (866) 305-7134. Our admissions specialists can answer all your questions, and put you on the road to recovery.

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