A Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP rehab) is a program that is intended to treat those with mental illnesses and substance abuse disorders. PHP Rehab vs. Residential Rehab: The main difference between them is that, unlike in-patient programs, patients are not required to live in the addiction treatment facility around the clock. Instead, they reside in a home-like setting but travel to the treatment center in Delray Beach, FL for intensive treatment during the daytime hours each day (or several days) of the week.

It is technically an outpatient program option, but unlike a standard outpatient program, it requires much more time to be dedicated to substance abuse treatment and recovery.  This often proves beneficial for those who need more care than a typical weekly outpatient program provides but do not need or want to participate in an in-patient program.

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What To Expect From Partial Hospitalization Programs

When an individual is admitted to a PHP in Delray Beach, FL, the experience may vary from one treatment facility to the next. Generally speaking, however, patients can expect to spend several hours each day participating in addiction treatment programs. This may be seven days a week or less, depending on the specific needs of the patient’s drug and alcohol addiction treatment, and typically lasts for around six hours.

In all addiction treatment centers in Delray Beach, FL, patients will be expected to engage in activities like various forms of therapy such as individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and educational programs with social workers or dieticians, medications when needed, other specialized therapies suited for the patient and evaluations performed by our addiction specialist and nurses.

At the end of each day, patients can return home to a supportive environment. PHP programs generally last for three or four weeks but may require a longer commitment based on each set of unique substance abuse circumstances.

How PHP Works

What is PHP used to treat and how does it work? PHP’s are often used as a stepping stone for those who have recently been released from rehab centers and finished medical detox and an in-patient or residential treatment program. These patients may need intensive ongoing care for matters like alcohol or drug addiction, co occurring disorders, severe depression, anxiety, or other disruptive mental health concerns.

By remaining engaged in daily addiction treatment programs and medical supervision, patients can stay committed to their recovery while slowly transitioning back into their homes with family members or their children. Through the program, they will learn how to cope with their drug or alcohol addiction or mental illness in healthy, productive ways as they begin to integrate back into their normal lives.

They may also receive diagnoses for previously undiagnosed mental illnesses and be prescribed medications to decrease the symptoms. In many cases, those with substance abuse disorders, in particular, have underlying mental health disorders that have contributed to their drug addiction.

By addressing all of these concerns in the treatment program in Delray Beach, FL, patients are equipped with the knowledge and tools that they need to recover and regain control of their lives. PHP programs also focus on families and support systems and aim to address any underlying problems that may contribute to negative outcomes for the patient when they return home or transition to weekly therapy sessions.

Life After PHP

Once the PHP treatment process has been completed, patients typically require fewer treatment program appointments. From here, they will likely transition to a standard outpatient drug rehab program that will continue to build upon the skills that they have learned during the PHP.

Most patients will require ongoing therapy, evaluations with medical professionals, addiction specialists, or addiction support groups for extended periods. Despite this, the appointments will become less frequent as the patient’s condition improves and they continue on the path to recovery.

The first step may be the hardest, but we are here to help you every step of the way. Olympus Recovery addiction treatment center in Delray Beach, FL offers an evidence-based, comprehensive, and individualized Partial Hospitalization Program to help you with your recovery. Contact us here or give us a call at 888-727-9324 to learn more about our PHP rehab program.

Frequently Ask Questions About PHP

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