An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP rehab) in Delray Beach, Florida is a form of addiction treatment that is used to provide care to individuals that are suffering from mental health or substance abuse disorders. While there are a plethora of drug or alcohol addiction recovery programs available, each type is drastically different from the other, particularly in terms of intensity and the time commitment required. A residential program, for instance, is what most people think of when they envision a substance abuse treatment center in Delray Beach, FL. They require patients to live in the facility full-time for weeks or months at a time.

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An intensive outpatient program, on the other hand, is less restrictive and time-consuming but is still an effective and intense addiction treatment option. Patients can live at home while receiving care and typically visit the treatment facility weekly to participate in individual or group therapy. There is also a PHP rehab which is somewhat the same as an outpatient treatment option, but unlike standard intensive outpatient programs, it requires much more time to be dedicated to treatment and recovery.

Olympus Recovery is an alcohol and drug rehab center in Delray Beach, FL that treats addiction and the underlying issues that fuel it. Our IN-NETWORK, curriculum-based program was created with decades of experience in substance abuse and will help each of our clients on their road to recovery.

At Olympus Recovery, we offer evening in-network IOP which is specifically designed for professionals, parents, and students. With our convenient evening hours, you are able to get the treatment you need to recover while working, learning, and living at home.

Program Features:
– Individual sessions weekly
– Understanding the disease of addiction
– Medication management
– Mending relationships
– Coping skills to manage day-to-day stress
– Community support
– How to achieve long-term sobriety

How IOP Rehab Programs Work

Intensive outpatient treatment is not a suitable treatment option for all circumstances. Those who have severe addictions or intense mental health issues will likely need residential treatment in Delray Beach, FL or partial hospitalization program options.

An IOP is designed for those who have mild cases of mental health disorders and addictions or those who have already undergone rigorous medical detox and drug rehab. After beginning the program, the drug rehab center will orchestrate an addiction treatment plan that is specific to the patient’s needs. In some cases, patients may require care several times a week for many hours. In others, a patient may only need to attend addiction treatment programs once a week for a few hours.

In either case, visiting the treatment facility in Delray Beach, FL is much like attending a traditional therapy session or doctor’s appointment. They will arrive at a scheduled time and then they are free to return home at the end of their treatment for the day.

During the structured treatment program, patients will participate in programs like individual therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, group therapy and educational itineraries. Additional services like monitoring medications and professional treatment advice may also be included as part of a patient’s care plan.

The goal is to teach patients to cope with their mental illness or addictions while they regain a sense of normalcy in their lives. By allowing them to return home for several days in between addiction treatment, patients can exercise the skills that they have learned while continuing to progress on the road to recovery.

Who is IOP Useful For?

IOP is an effective addiction treatment option for people in Delray Beach, FL suffering from various mental health disorders and forms of substance abuse. Despite this, these programs are not adequate for substance addictions that require detoxification before treatment begins or for those who require continuous supervision through the day and night.

If a person with a substance abuse disorder has previously gone through detox in a residential facility, IOP can be useful as they progress in their recovery. Otherwise, IOP is primarily intended for the treatment of eating disorders, bipolar disorder and depression through medical supervision.

Life After IOP

Once a patient has completed an Intensive Outpatient Program in Delray Beach, FL, they will continue to need ongoing care from addiction treatment providers to remain successful in overcoming substance abuse or managing severe mental health concerns. As they gain more experience in coping with day-to-day life and instituting the skills that they have learned, the amount of time that they will spend in therapy or support groups will decrease.

Despite this, it will remain crucial for those with mental disorders to stay connected with their therapists and doctors to ensure that their medications remain effective.

The first step may be the hardest, but we our addiction specialists in Delray Beach, FL are here to help you every step of the way. Contact us here or give us a call at 888-727-9324 to learn more about our IOP rehab program.

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